TeleGroup Best Business Philosophy Award



Company TeleGroup will hand Best Business Philosophy Award to the mini-company which can demonstrate strong market potential, tech driven innovation and social responsibility.





1. Strong Market Potential (40%)

Is the idea business feasible, does it seem profitable? Does the business model have a future, is it sustainable?

2. Tech driven innovation (40%) 

Is the company user and/or provider of technology for their ability to innovate and deliver outcomes that consist of concrete business results? Does the company have Innovative business model, with ability to incorporate unique thinking into all of their business and management practices to gain distinctive competitive value propositions? Does the company tackle a problem in an innovative way? Does the company produce an innovative product or service? Is the company being run in an innovative way, does it have an innovative management structure?

3. Social responsibility (20%)

Does the company produce a product or offer a service that contributes to the wellbeing of society? Does the company manage its employees well? Does the company keep in mind the impact that the company or its products/services have on customers?  Where does the company produce its products, are the working conditions good? Does the company give anything back to their community? E.g. Donations to charities, awareness raising for social or environmental topics, educating others about certain topics, volunteering in charitable projects etc.


Aleksandar Vratonjić Gligorijević

Director of IT Strategic Business Unit at TeleGroup Ltd

Management and leadership experience in sales and delivery of advanced IT solutions for customers of TeleGroup Serbia, closely aligned with corporate business development and innovation.Focused on new and innovative business processes which are facilitated by new advancements in technology and social aspects sprung by them.
Founder and co-founder of two startups, one in tech one in entertainment and events industry.
Practicing aikido in order to defend myself when people hear me play the guitar.

Marijana Gobeljić

Marketing Communications Manager at TeleGroup

Marketing Communications professional with over 10 years of experience leading corporate marketing and external communications in ICT and Networking industry.
Conceptualize and develop marketing communications strategy and programs that effectively reinforce and build brand images and corporate reputation.
Proven ability to drive record-high marketing campaign response rates, research new solution/product possibilities and execute successful launches .
Independent Curator with 5 years experience in conducting & organising Art programs and exhibitions.

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