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The Six

the six This Company created, produced and traded, jacket pins with various logos, which are meaningful for their age and interests. Pins were produced following the interest of a certain group of buyers and have personalized features/logos as per the request of the buyer/s. The logos of these pins are used to identify different school clubs, fans of a certain literature preference, fans of a musical band, fans of a certain typology of movies etc.




We produce so-called "Wingcards“. These are tool cards made from a 2mm stainless steel sheet, which have the dimensions of credit cards and thus fit into almost any wallet or trouser pocket. As a result, engineers, cyclists, adventurers and golfers are equipped with their most important tools in every situation. In addition to the “Wingcards” we also offer extra cases made of tear-resistant paper.

Belgium FL

On Y Vase

On y Vase On Y Vase is a Belgian mini-business that designs and sells stackable, magnetic vases, inspired by Jonathan Morgan. The vases are made of iron profiles which sit on a magnetized aluminium plate. The idea was to allow the customers to make their own creations by combining the vases in unique ways. All of this is possible thanks to the metal base plate. This base plate can be left visible under the vase or be hidden underneath a tablecloth. The On Y Vase is available in two models: the Y-petit and Y-grand


Belgium Fr

My Chill Factory

My Chill FactoryA Belgian mini-company which produces a relaxation pack welcomed after a tough day. It includes a homemade hot dry-bag, a bio local soap, tea blends with an infuser, and a scented candle. All gathered in a vintage box and sold for 25. MCF has also a social footprint: one third of the profits were donated to a local home for disabled, "Les Iris". A team of students eager to further improve people wellbeing. MCF, relaxation, profits, social purpose and a real springboard in the active life.



VICEM's product is in the field of agro-engineering and organic plant protection. The product - small capsules consisting of gelatine, water and essential oils helps to reduce the use of harmful pesticides and preserve soil status -  thay are placed around the roots of the plants in order to protect them from different pests. For larger agricultural areas, the placement of the capsules is automated by a drone, which swirls the plantation and gives the required amount of capsules to each plant.


Fiji Fertiliser

Fiji Fertiliser is a company producing a liquid, organic fertiliser using seaweed! Passionately runned by students, the company is trying to clean the beaches in Cyprus while simultaneously providing an alternative to chemical fertilisers. Alarmed by the lack of greenery in Cyprus as well as the extensive amounts of seaweed being flushed out by the sea every year, the fiji team is taking action in order to make Nature From Nature!

Czech Republic

Smell Fresh

We designed and developed revolutionary bag with aromatic pouches. It is used to help you with transport of stinky clothes. We´ve been selling these bags via crowdfunding server HITHIT. Also by selling our products we provide job to clients of social therapeutical workrooms. Right now we are about to launch e-shop where you can buy our products.



Clean Cover

CLEAN COVER is a company which purpose is to improve the public health in the world. In Denmark alone, 3,000 people die every year from an infection caused by bacteria. In fact, there are 18 times more bacteria on a phone cover than there are on a public toilet. CLEAN COVER is a phone cover intended for individuals, companies and institutions, which deal with bacteria in everyday life. The cover is made with the nanotechnology Polygiene that removes 90% of the bacteria within 24 hours.




Student company sEst (meaning small Estonia) is a team of five girls who craft hand-made jewellery. Our initial concept was to contain fragments of our home country, Estonia, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Now our hearts are set on uniting people through nature’s beauty by our jewellery with unique design and meaning. Having different countries’ cultures and nature in mind, we are coming up with a new collection hoping to touch the hearts of many people.



Bugman's Best

Bugman’s Best is a Finnish company offering healthy, ecological and most of all delicious snack bars that contain plenty of locally grown house crickets, which bring a lot of nutritional value. Crickets and insect food in general are a growing business, and especially in Finland insects are the hot topic of the next decade. Bugman’s Best rides this wave as one of the pioneers of the new industry.
Our business is actively developing a new industry by spreading the message of insect food and breaking prejudices about eating insects and constantly developing new methods and products.


Pop Straw

PopStraw is a mini company that aims at fighting plastic pollution. Therefore, we produce biodegradable straws out of corn starch.


Skill Board

Our company "Skills Board" produces boards for children to develop motor skills. Front of the board is decorated by different kind of paintings and lockers. In the main part of the board you can see some shapes, belts, plugs and switches, numbers, zip, shoelaces, buttons, easy puzzle and other details.


d.o.t. drummelontour

We designed our colourful children´s book about "Drummel on Tour" with the aim of overcoming an often one-sided geographical approach.
Drummel's journey through Europe offers primary school children an exciting insight into European history and culture. With its lovable protagonist, Drummel, readers are encouraged to go on an eventful journey through Europe, at the end of which their interest in people and their countries will hopefully have been awakened.



“Helm.e.t.” aims  to educate and raise public awareness about helmet usage and as a consequence, reduce the number of accidents. To achieve this, we carry out actions that raise awareness in schools and in public places. We also design and promote the “noctua” kit, a smart kit that enables communication between helmet and motorcycle. Once installed, it is made absolutely obvious to the rider that helmet and motorcycle go hand-in-hand, since the motorcycle will not start unless the rider wears the helmet.

Our motto: “Be smart...Be safe”



We make furniture from skateboards, snowboards and other sports equipment. In addition, we do skateboard bracelets and necklaces.
All of these are made by ourselves. So every product is unique.
We are environmentally friendly, as we use recycled boards.



BÖKK produces modern high fashion belts that are unlike any other belts in Iceland. The belts are quite unordinary and original but what really makes them unique is the buckle, which is like the one you see on an airplane seat belt.  The fabric used for the straps is very similar to the one used in both car seat belts and airplanes. We offer the straps in four different colours; black, white, red and olive green. In the near future we anticipate to add more colours.

Isle of Man


Since 2017, Caffee Jui has done more than perfect an old process; we've started a new one. By infusing unique, all natural produce into the cold brew coffee process we've reinvented old flavours to make a new and interesting product. Caffee Jui makes everything in small batches from our hometown of Ramsey. To achieve optimal flavour, our products brew for 24 hours, making every bottle worth your patience.




“Create” is a company founded by a group of students from the Hakfar Harayok Junior High School in Ramat Hasharon, Israel. The company is in the business of saving lives, and to that end has developed and manufactured the “NO-tify” smart mount for cars – a system that automatically disables alerts and push notifications during driving while enabling functions like calls and navigation, thus helping to prevent distracted driving which is the number one cause of traffic accidents worldwide.



It is known that we taste with our eyes first. Our company OKelvin aims at protecting humans’ health, while guaranteeing the best tasting experience, thanks to visual feedbacks. We design a new generation of labels, called Bright Tags, that show to the consumer if specific goods match the ideal conditions for human consumption. We dream of a world of Smart Goods with Smart Labels, where our tags enable the check of the right temperature for a vast variety of goods (wine, groceries, drugs).


Safe & Stable

We are from Latvia and our company is socially responsible. We are working as a team of 3 students. Our companys idea is a specific cane for old, blind and disabled people. In the cane we have integrated an ultra-sound sensor to provide extra safety for these people. Sensors give a signal to the chip that reads it, if the distance to an object is less than half meter it gives a beeping sound.


Make IT Simlple

Make IT Simple develop templates of mobile applications. Our products can be used to make a working app in a very short time with limited amount of money and basic programming knowledge. Our templates can be purchased on Envato Market.



Improving bad waste separation habits, Luxetoys presents ‘PouBelle’:  a unique and advanced concept innovating the way of teaching children and adults waste separation through a ludic, yet simple board game.  
With four different difficulty levels adapted to the age of the players, PouBelle functions on the principle of the classic memory game and is filling a considerable market gap covering the education on sustainable development of todays society.
Our future - our mission.

YouTube : Luxetoys Minientreprise



UnicaSpera company produces educational tools offering solution for learning basic mathematical operations. It creates a unique and innovative product called Ringobit. It is a brand new concept of learning math for children with disabilities, children with learning difficulties or very young children by rotating the number to left or right. Тhe numbers are set in “Ringobit way” so children come easily to result. Ringobit will bring inspiration to every child who needs help with learning math.



Evolveco Malta is a social enterprise founded by 5 students from St. Aloysius College Sixth Form.
Our mission is to provide a substitute for plastic for commonly used products such as cups and straws. Our Eco-line helps us to achieve a cleaner tomorrow.
One of our main aims was to promote alternatives to plastic as to reduce continuous damage to our environment. By doing this we hope to raise awareness on how this alternative is beneficial when compared to conventional plastic . We would also like to influence as many people to begin avoiding using single-use plastic cups , straws and lids that are not compostable.



YGM-Didactics is a unique company created with the aim of producing goods that facilitating the learning process in order to help students and teachers. We have ourselves developed and created a invention that performs the role of assessing information and storing school supplies. Regardless of where our products will be used-you will get a full warranty and post-warranty service. We love what we do, and we pass on our love in work. Having done a great job, we are not going to stop there.



Hi, we are Sceep. Team Sceep consists of a group of 5 enthusiastic and driven entrepreneurs, who came to the market with a completely new concept on the existing Escape Rooms:
Our invention? The “EscapeBox”
You probably know all the popular Escape Rooms by now. These Escape Rooms are often located at fixed locations. In Europe there are over a thousand Escape Rooms. In these Escape Rooms the goal is to escape from a room or building. This is different with our EscapeBox. The EscapeBox is a mobile ' Escape Room ' and is available on location. For example: you can play the game in your own living room. This is perfect for a birthday party, corporate event, or just a pleasant evening with friends and family.
The nerve-wrecking EscapeBox should be solved in just 60 minutes, can you take the challenge?


Kunsten å glede

Kunsten å glede (Art of Joy) is a mini company with 4 hard-working students who aim to improve the everyday life of children with cancer.  We have made an organic and contemporary t-shirt collection drawn by the children at the Children's Department at Rikshosspitalet (major hospital in Oslo). The children´s drawings are redesigned by a designer. Each t-shirt that we sell contributes with 15 EURO to the Children's Department. By the end of the schoolyear, we will spend the profits on events,  games and toys for childrens.



So! Socks company was created by eleven young entrepreneurs from high school in Zielona Góra in western Poland. We decided to use the artistic potential of the students and use the remarkable socks to hit the nationwide market. The overriding goal for us is to care for the highest quality of our socks, which is why we produce them from organic (environmentally friendly) combed cotton. We try to abandon the stereotypical approaches in doing our business. We also try to transfer high standards into our social initiatives. We have supported, among others, the Association of Friends of People with Down Syndrome (competition promoting the symbol of the World Day of People with Down Syndrome - two unsuitable socks) and the House Foundation - We care for the young (charity event for Kuba Latopolski - a boy suffering from leukemia).


Extinctus Enterprise

Extinctus Enterprise's mission is to prevent the propagation of forest fires. Such mission is achieved by the Ignis Capsule, an underground capsule consisting of a radio, a battery and a temperature sensor. In case of fire, the sensor detects an increase in temperature and a radio signal is emitted to our mobile app, alerting the firemen. Through the number of activated capsules the magnitude and direction of the fire can be calculated, boosting the effectiveness of the firemens response.



Have you ever dreamed about a cleaner, healthier, greener environment?
We, the E-sol crew, don't dream about that future, that's the future we're going to make. With our product,  we are improving the efficiency of solar panels by 35%, by rotating them towards the maximum sun efficiency, and provide the user with  graphics and statistics about his energy production/consumption.



ComfortEra offers home products which are creative, comfortable, cozy, eco-friendly and useful.  The variety of their home products is wide: from potholders that brighten kitchens to family games that enable families to become closer. Moreover the types of their products change regularly due to seasonal holidays, customers’ preferences and their own new ideas and designs stimulated by marketing research and analysis of current trends. In 2017-18  ComfortEra sold 475 different types of home products to help people make their homes more comfortable and cozy.


Groove Street

The Groove Street from Serbia makes special wristbands that contain QR code with all the medical information on the person wearing it. The purpose is to make first aid in medical emergency faster and more efficient.


Ala Rasi

JA company Ala rasi originated in secondary grammar school Trebiovská 12 in city of Koice- Slovakia. Ala rasi means anything for you in Arabic language and it is saying that is used internationally. Safe step is a device focusing on improvement of ligtning and visibility on crosswalks. Our motto is First Step - Safe Step because, once installed, Safe Step makes the very first step you take on a crosswalk safe.



TEGLC is a wooden pot for plants that float in the air. The design is simple and elegant, and it is additionally adorned with texture of wood. It is adapted to the standard dimensions of small cups.  The crucible has an upper hole in which a plastic crucible is inserted which ensures that wood is not damaged when contact with water. It is surface-treated with oil that protects it from water. It is suitable for decoration of accommodation and business premises, hotels, cafes, restaurants , for gifts, and can also be used to relieve stress.



No More App

We offer a safety net and a fast-acting protocol in cases of sexual violence against women.
It is a simple alarm system installed on the mobile phone, after activation it sends an alert and geolocation to your contacts and other users that are close to you.



MerchSweden UFs business idea is to offer a marketplatform for trading used and exclusive designer clothes and shoes only available as limited editions or in a small number on the market. .The idea arose when the company's CEO Fredrik Rinaldo himself was looking for brand shoes and finally bought a pair of second hand shoes for his own use.
We found that there is both a demand and supply but no well established trade channels and a great uncertainty about the authenticity of the goods.





We are four friends and passionately sell handmade tagliatelle made from original spelt flour. They are produced locally and all ingredients come from the region. All our pasta varieties are associated with Zurich celebrities to strengthen the connection to Zurich. Our range includes several flavours like peperoncini. In May 2018 we were responsible for a huge revolution in the Swiss pasta market  our new product, the insect pasta is the first pasta made of insects in Switzerland!



Impact JA Company focuses on recylcing. They designed a small home appliance that recyles waste oil to soap or candle. They produced two different recycling kits for soap and candle. With the help of recycling kits anyone can produce soap or candle by a 150 ml of waste oil.


United Kingdom


SureLight, from London have designed, developed and produced and smart brake light for bicycles. Using integrated motion-sensors, SureLight can detect when a cyclist is braking and alert other road users when they are slowing down, keeping cyclists safe and encouraging other to cycle on safer roads.






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