VirtuAlb was born out of a group of Woodrow Wilsons students with a keen interest in business. The  passage  of  time  has  brought  us  into  an  age  where technology is a necessity that we cannot live without. This has given us the power to take the world in our hands with just the pressing of buttons.
VirtuAlb is equipment similar to eyeglasses. It allows you to expererience a virtual reality through the transmission of an image on a HD screen near the eyes.




Through several months of intense work and research, our company 5pm have developed 2 revolutionary new tea creations called Tea-Tab and Tea-Pop. Tea-Tabs are the Tea-to-go-solution: They dissolve within a few minutes in hot water and the perfect tea is ready for you. Tea-Pops are the healthy alternative to ordinary lollipops and sweets for children and herald a fundamental change to snacking. Through their natural sweetness, without added sugar, the tea-lollipop enchants children and inspires health conscious parents.

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The Machla Company from Ibn Khuldoon National School has produced an organized, stylish and environmentally friendly shopping solution. The product is a set of 4 eco friendly bags that are designed to assume the shape of your shopping trolley, thereby reducing the need for plastics bags. They can be easily attached and detached as needed, and one of the bags is lined with insulation material.

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Royal creators

Royal Creators is a company founded in 2016 by the students of the Royal University for Women in Bahrain. Our concept is based around creating a better, more convenient lifestyle for all target segments. Currently serving Bahrain, our aim is to become a multinational and a buzzword for convenience in every language.

Guest teams from JA INJAZ  (not competing)

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Belgium (VLAJO)


At the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, 12 students from Bovenbouw Sint-Michiel high school in the North- East Belgian town of Leopoldsburg decided it was time for an exciting event for the local youth: AREA 19 was born. AREA 19 is an escape house in which your team has to search for clues to  nd the scene, the murder weapon and the culprit of a horrible murder. Cryptic descriptions on the living room table lead you through the house, revealing more and more clues. Work together as a team to crack the 30 codes

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Belgium (LJE)


Insoleat, offers our clients the unique opportunity to enjoy a culinary and cultural experience in an unusual place. Our clients are given the chance to escape for an evening to an unexpected location while simultaneously savouring a delicious meal inspired by the theme of where the eve- ning unfolds.

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Noetic is a mini-company specialized in the development of mobile applications. Our mission is to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle through technology. Our main product is the E-Food Scanner, a mobile application that provides the user with information about E numbers and other harmful additives in a food product by simply scan- ning the label. The app is available to all Android device owners, who can download it for free from Google Play. Our revenues come from advertising and from the number of active users.

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GrowGreen is a company founded by 11 young aspiring entrepreneurs from The English School, Nicosia, Cyprus. Our aim is to minimize the use of plastic by introducing to the global market an innovative, unique biodegradable  ower pot made from used coffee grounds- the GreenBox. Coffee grounds not only act as a catalyst to natural fer- tilisers, but also have the properties of a natural soil con- ditioner attracting the micro-organisms necessary for the healthy growth of plants.

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Czech Republic


Olá - The game the world has never seen! Our game connects two worlds - the world of visually impaired people and the world of people without disabilities. This game can be played by anyone! Olá allows you to better understand those who cannot see. If played with those who are visually impaired, the game creates a mutual experience and unique connection between the players. You dont believe us? Come and try Olá for yourself at our stand. Our blind team member Mia will be happy to show you how it works!

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Today more than 8 million people in Europe - 84.000 in Denmark alone - are suffering from dementia. Demenish is aiming to help as many of them as possible. We develop, con gure, and distribute tablets with built-in software designed to alleviate symptoms of dementia. In addition to cognitive stimulation, our product aims to assist world- wide dementia research by recording data for statistical analysis, and not least to improve quality of life for demen- tia sufferers and their families.

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Student company Festera produces indoor trash cans - bioboxes - that recycle biological waste. In less than two months, a household’s entire food waste output is turned into humus. Festera uses microbiological substances, heating and ventilation more efficient and odourless process. The biobox is innovative, fast and user-friendly. Using a Festera  biobox reduces the ecological footprint of a household by more than 5 per cent. Festera also promotes an ecological lifestyle among young kids.

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Windy Birch

Windy Birch makes beautiful design products from Finnish plywood for serving and decorations.
Our fully portable, collapsible and functional restoring solutions support sustainable development and keep your storage space smiling. In the 100th anniversary year of Finnish independence we’d like to celebrate our nation’s achievements with ambitious designs made from Finnish nature.
Let’s celebrate together!

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Bretzel Brains

Bretzel Brains is a team of 33 pupils who have invented tarpaulin user-adjustable beach bags, which facilitate sand and seawater evacuation. In May, they won the high school regional championship in Strasbourg, which was their ticket to the national championship in Paris, where they collected the creativity prize awarded by The Walt Disney Company of France. Next stop, the European Championship.

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Needful Items

We are mini-company Needful Items. We use our creative imagination to make household items using wood and bamboo. We also recycle discarded items such as old cases, vases and water pipes, for production. Our products can be summarised as modern efficiency combined with the creative imagination. After establishing the company, we matured, gained experience and a better understanding of our responsibilities.

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Let words be your bullet. This is the guiding principle behind our product. In a world where conflicts escalate violently every day, we have a duty to highlight the importance of diplomacy and communication. Our premium handmade pen symbolizes the importance of solving conflicts using words instead of bullets. Additionally, our company donates part of the proceeds of each unit sold to social projects that inspire concrete changes.

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Watch Out

Watch Out is an innovative social company specializing in producing electronic devices assisting and supporting blind people. It was established in 2016 in Greece. Our company consists of 25 students who attend the 10th grade of Aristoteleio College of Thessaloniki. The product developed by Watch Out is an obstacle detection device helping the blind and sight-impaired. The device makes use of ultrasonic technology to protect those with sight problems from potential danger at head level.

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The Billow

We are a team of eight teenagers. Our team The Billow has created a bag which can easily be transformed into a pillow in just a few steps. We have developed this product because we were tired of getting dirty clothes or catching a cold when sitting on a floor or wet bench. Our product  combines a waterproof outer layer and collapsible design to provide a comfortable cushion on which to sit wherever and whenever you want.

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Meira is a mobile application that provides a cost-saving service for young individuals through a simple but effective app revolving around users setting cost-saving goals for themselves. We will help users achieve these goals. Our mission is to change the way young people save money. We stand behind our product and believe in its social benefits. Meira inspires healthy financial habits! None at the moment

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Isle of Man


Progression+ is made up of five students from QEII High School in the Isle of Man.  Our mission is to help you start your day in a stress free way. Our product is the Wakeeze alarm band which vibrates gently on your wrist to wake you up in the morning, eliminating the need for an irritating alarm clock. The band is available in a range of vibrant colours and comes with an easy to use app for Apple or android devices.

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Promotor was established in the beginning of the 2016/17 school year by 18 students from the 9th grade in “Amit boys” school, mentored by a teacher and two business volunteers. We have developed the Pick-nic: the playful tablecloth that turns into a garbage bag. The product has three main advantages:  It easily covers the table and doesn't fly in the wind, it features fun board games about nature in various languages, and last but not least, the tablecloth turns into a garbage bag after use!

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Maco Innovation

One of the major drawbacks of classic lip balms in a lipstick-style tube is that they are strictly designed for personal use to comply with hygienic requirements, thus preventing the benefits of sharing among friends. Moreover, they can easily get dirty or lose their lipstick cap, causing the customer to discard the product before full use, with high wastage. Strishare, our 100% natural lip balm, is hygienic, made of selected high quality ingredients, sociable, rechargeable, non-gender specific and safe!

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Light-Up Designs

Light-Up Designs enables you to personalize your environment by customizing the feel, look and ambience of your living space. Fine-tune your lighting with our modular smart lamp combining technical brilliance and simplistic design. Get creative, express yourself and light up your world.

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We are a student company engaged in the production of stainless steel balls. These absorb the heat in hot beverages, instantly making their temperature suitable for drinking. This is our proprietary idea; there is currently nothing similar on the market. Our team is composed of just 6 people, with work distributed equally to eliminate laziness.

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The mini-company Yammy, founded by 6 pupils from “”Lycée technique de Bonnevoie”” in Luxembourg, have launched a very innovative product: recipe cards with seeds. Every card includes a small bag with seeds for an ingredient. The customer plants the seeds according to the instructions on the card. After a few weeks, he can pick the grown vegetables and cook the delicious recipe as shown on the card. Our recipes have been developed in participation with local restaurants.

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Flair is a social enterprise founded by 8 students with our mission being the academic success of our customers. Our product, A-Cards, empowers students to Aim, Advance and Achieve in their formal education at SEC and IGCSE O-Levels. A-Cards are also used by teachers and parents to complement conventional teaching methods. On top of this, together with the Dyslexic Teens Dialogue, we have made the A-Cards as dyslexia-friendly as possible, including specific help with spelling and phonetics.

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Birdsavers UB

For owners of windmill parks, we offer a product invisible to humans, which prevents birds from colliding with windmill rotors. Our product is unique and costs considerably less than previous unsuccessful attempts at solving the problem.

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FOLKSELF produces and sells goods emblazoned with folk motifs. These include calendars,cups, pillows,scarves,bags,decorations and handmade earthen ceramics. Our sales strategy is focused on both the domestic and international markets. FOLKSELF cooperated with the Erasmus+ project and prepared a special collection for its participants. This gained our mini-company international customers. We are also a socially responsible business, cooperating with the Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability.

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Beauto - to be autonomous  is a mini-company whose product is a portable pill storage box, distributed in sections, with an alarm programmable by means of an app, which emits a beep when the medication has to be taken.

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Find Me Anywhere

Find Me Anywhere is a multipurpose GPS patch. Efficient in finding things that are easy to lose, for monitoring children or those with medical conditions such as Alzheimers. The device can be discreetly controlled with an application and is a useful tool in anyone’s life. The targeted client group consists primarily of busy people, care-workers, children and people with various disabilities.

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Wonderful Workshop

Junior Achievement Russia Student Company Wonderful Workshop from the town of Plavsk, offers toys and games such as baby cot mobiles, felt puzzles and cubes for infants to enjoy, as well as other gifts and accessories. All products meet required global safety standards. The Company’s goal is to promote the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of kids and create opportunities for parents to engage with their children.

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Student Company LegoBuzz from Serbia helps beekeepers monitor the condition of their bee colonies. Their specially designed frames with sensors turn every beehive into a smart one by collecting essential atmospheric information such as temperature and humidity, and sending it in real time to the beekeeper. With the slogan ‘your bees are just a click away’ LegoBuzz intends to help increase the number of bees  by enabling beekeepers to access 24/7 information about their hives.

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Assum is a small company located in Koice city in eastern Slovakia. We discovered a revolutionary way of coffee consumption: CoRE - Coffee ready to eat. CoRE is a unique coffee mixture which offers you all of the benefits of coffee anyplace anytime, while saving you time and money!

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One of the biggest environmental problems we face today is  the excessive and pollutive energy consumption  needed to destroy or recycle waste. Glass for example is a material which practically does not decompose in nature. Even so, the number of disposed bottles increases daily. Our product gives disposed bottles new meaning and changes them into a beautiful and unique decoration which can adorn homes or business offices.

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Sygnall is a company created by students to help those afflicted with Alzheimers. Loc U is a wristband designed to locate anyone without GPS or mobile data.  With some outside help, we provide security to the affected and peace of mind to their carers and loved ones, at a reduced cost relative to existent locators on the market. This is an international project thanks to the input of our Swedish, French and Norwegian partners. Working together, we’ve pushed the boundaries and allowed our project to be known. Our goal is to raise awareness of Alzheimers and the difficulties of living with it.

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Locker Room Talk UF

In many locker rooms, a macho-culture is created and with it comes an often degrading view of women. When boys start to approach their teens, a negative change occurs in locker rooms. Our business idea is to visit sports teams and meet young boys in the locker room to talk about gender equality and how to change bad attitudes and degrading talk in the changing rooms. To work with gender equality is among the core values of all sports clubs, but they seldom have the tools to implement it. Until now.

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The Smartbottle is a refillable bottle equipped with a QR Code. The QR Code takes you to our international map where you can find the nearest drinking fountain anywhere in the world for a refill.  In addition, the Smartbottle has a filter for fruits, vegetables and herbs with which you can flavor your water with any taste you want. The Smartbottle itself is made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan plastic. We guarantee that you’ll have the healthiest, freshest and most thirst-quenching experience ever.

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The Netherlands


Innovative, clever and ecological cup!

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Founded in 2016, Compose-it is a JA company with the goal of becoming a leading agricultural company. Our company tackles local and global environmental issues and over-consumption by designing compost-based products. We are a team of future entrepeuneurs that values both sustainability and customer service. In key with this philosophy, our company combines agriculture and technology with an application that integrates itself with our products, thereby allowing customers to customize their own products.

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