ManpowerGroup ‘Ready for Work’ Award

“ManpowerGroup and Junior Achievement are strongly aligned in their commitment to making a difference to the lives of young people by helping them nurture their learnability and upskill to become work-ready for today, tomorrow and the future.”

Jonas Prising,
Chairman & CEO, ManpowerGroup
Board Vice-Chair, Junior Achievement Worldwide

Ready for Work Award


The ManpowerGroup ‘Ready for Work’ Award recognizes those teams that have best built work readiness skills during the competition.

The winning team will display ability, likeability and drive, all of which are integral to learnability, and their project should nurture and inspire these qualities in others. Learnability is a key component of work readiness. It means the desire and ability to grow and adapt your skill sets to remain employable throughout your working life.





Criteria to Win the Award

1. Process of skill improvement (25%) refers to the degree to which teams have thought about their skills, acknowledged the gaps, formulated a plan to address them, accumulated those new skills and used them in the projects.

2. Skills displayed during the project (50%) refers to the degree to which the project submitted and the team’s performance during the final event reflects the following 5 skills:

  • Creativity
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Goal orientation (drive)
  • Problem solving
  • Digital skills
  • Endurance

3. Self-reflection and action learning (25%) refers to the degree to which the teams have looked back upon their project experience, derived some learnings and applied those learnings to next steps or projections for their company in the future.

Extra Bonus:

In addition to the points for the three main criteria above, the jury can award up to 3 additional points for demonstrated impact on the work readiness of company beneficiaries / target groups, at the jury’s discretion.


As new skill requirements emerge and grow in demand, it’s inevitable that others will become extinct. Consequently, there’s a growing awareness that individuals who seek learning opportunities will be more employable in the long-term…

Learnability is less about what you already know, and more about your capacity to learn. It’s about recognising that you’ll face new challenges throughout your working life, so it’s critical that you grow your skill set and adapt to new circumstances. In short, it’s a way for workers to “future proof” themselves – no matter who their employer may be and what their future work life holds. And be employable along their career

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Jury Members

Aleksandar Hangimana,
Managing Director ManpowerGroup Balkans

Aleksandar Hangimana started his career at ManpowerGroup Serbia in 2012. as a part of the Sales team. Shortly thereafter he was recognized as a leader of the company, which still leads with great success at the position of Country Director. The company ManpowerGroup share their knowledge, expertise and resources, in order that everyone understands what is important now and what are the next activities in the labor market. Vision, that Aleksandar share is that the company need to become a leader in creating and providing innovative staffing solutions and services.
His business is based on values that promote people, knowledge and innovation. The company's success he attributes to its employees considering that every business success is conditioned by the quality of the people who work there. Business policy that Aleksandar follows is that each contribution - employees, clients and candidates, need to be encouraged and rewarded. ManpowerGroup today, with 70 internal emoloyees and 3000 employees that are sent to work at the client, is one of the fastest growing companies in its industry in Serbia.

Michel Debruyne,
Managing Consultant Right Management Belgium

Michel is responsible for all operations in Career and Talent Management in Belgium and Luxemburg. Besides his management role, he builds and provides guidance in organizational leader development programs, professional developmentobjectives of leaders and in the field of career transition .

Consulting expertise
He is career expert, business coach and mentor for executives and C-suite level. On top of that he gained a solid international experience in the counseling of change management projects within organizations and diverse assignments around career mobility. Furthermore he is an expert in leader coaching comprising leader development and professional adaptability.

Business experience
Michel commenced his career at the University of Leuven where he conducted research and was teaching courses. During that period he was Field Director leading international scientific missions in the Middle East. He was co-editor of scientific publications and wrote articles in national and international magazines and congress editions.
In the following period he held several management functions in corporate communications and strategic management. A focal point was creating an entrepreneurial platform to guide start-up companies.
From 2007 onwards he is active as Consultant at Right Management and holds the position of Managing Consultant since 2010 being responsible for all operations and services of Right Management in the Belux for Career Management. Since 2015 his scope was expended towards Talent Management as well. Furthermore he holds a board membership representing Right Management at Federgon.

Michel holds a PhD in Human Science from the University of Leuven.
He is certified practitioner in the Birkman-behavioral test, MRG personality tests like Personal Directions, Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360° en SLD and is experienced in the use of Thomas International (DISC) and MBTI.
Michel is native Dutch, fluent in English, conversant in French and German and has notions of Arabic.

Laura D’Amico
Head of Learnability and Development Europe
  Laura was appointed Head of Learnability and Development Europe in July 2017 and is focused on enhancing our People sales capabilities and leadership.  Laura partners with regional and country HR leaders to execute against our People and Culture strategic priorities.  In addition, Laura provides direction to the continued enhancement of the learning offerings to nurture Learnability development.  

Prior to that, Laura was HR Director for ManpowerGroup in Italy from September 2005. She joined Manpower in April 1995 as Permanent Consultant. After the launch of temporary work, she worked as Key Account Manager until January 2001 when she was appointed Strategies, Studies and Planning Manager. In July 2003 Laura started her career in HR, as Organisation & HR Development Manager.

Prior to joining Manpower, Laura worked as Internal Recruiting Specialist for a US merchant bank.

Laura D’Amico received a degree in Economics and Business Administration, from Luigi Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, in 1993 and followed a program for Change Management at INSEAD in 2004. She recently got certification in Emotional Skills and Competencies from P. Ekman International School.


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